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Submitted on
August 24, 2011


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To make it easy for every one to know what is accepted and not accepted we have updated our examples using  Current Awesome Art Work from our Galleries.

This is Part 1- Digital Painting and Sci-Fi Galleries/Folders


We Accept

Only Digital Media
Epic Fantasy Scenes -  Fantasy Portraits - Monsters -  Landscapes & Scenery ( Fantasy only)

Black Angel by SelenadaYule by SarmatiObstruction at the Washington Bridge by m0zch0psHer name is Death by GinebraCamelotChrysalis the dark queen by Rafater by rafaterSummoning the Goddess by ArtofTyQueen of the Dead Art by ArtgermKeep Away the Dead by RobShields  
Dragonslayer by MineworkerThe Empress by SlimRocknorthern wind by vesnerThe Culture of the Orunks by KhorghilDivine Blessing by isdiraThe Viking and the Red Beast by MoshYongE s s e n c e by yuliiHunter by Svetlaya777DRAGONIR DRAEVORN by IosifChezan
We do not accept

None fantasy Works in this Gallery.

:iconthestarsplz: SCI-FI  GALLERY/FOLDER

We Accept

All mediums for this gallery (digital, traditional, manipulations, 3d renders, mixed media, fractals)
All sci-fi art- aliens- alien monsters- space warriors & military- space landscapes-

Carrie Hayashi by MichaelCTYTyler advanced v by snatti89Athena - Rebirth by DanarArtSomber Thoughts by DrawWithLauraThe China City by RaZuMincTreasure Expedition by solartisticSkytowers - Another World by MarkusVogtSthycx the Code Installer by syncmaxRecon by KairoGCThe-Science-Pitcher by EVentrueBullet in my hands by FotoN-3In Search For Better Days by neverdyingBLACK LEGION by nachomolinaCapsule by TED-MX90 MIN. SKETCH by Byzwa-DherGreat Escape by daRozTwo Worlds by ROBBERT-J

In the next few days you will be swamped with updated journals, I apologize if it causes any inconvenience to you.  I have done it in parts so you will only need to look at the part that affects you. Thank you all so much. This also gives me an excuse to showcase some of the Magnificent Art Work in our Galleries.

Part 2
Manipulations  &  Photography
Part 3
Concept/Game Development Art & Fan Art
Part 4
Traditional Art & Animals Real and Fantasy
Part 5
Anime/Manga & 3D Renders
Part 6
Mixed Media , Surreal & Abstract, Mature Content
Part 7
Stamps, Animation &  Fractals
Part 8
Visual Poetry, Design Covers & Literature
Part 9
Comics,Multi-format Work & Stock(exclusive & none exclusive)

we are all about the art...
...if you can dream it, we want to see it...

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Eclession Dec 20, 2013   Digital Artist
Old folders still works?:o (Eek) 
Not sure what you mean?
Eclession Dec 20, 2013   Digital Artist
I mean 3d Renders 2/Fan Art/Stock Not Exclusive folders
All will be updated.
DameOdessa Oct 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Truly somptuous :wow:
You know these are a fantastic idea... I read them all, but I just wanted you to know , you do superb work with this group dear!
It is a large group and luckily it has you as founder!! It takes A LOT of work and you do it well!
I really appreciate your comment. It means a lot to me. :tighthug:
tis nothing dear... just what I think. Bless you!
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